Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are so anticlimatic! It's like coming off of a high sugar diet. You know you should have the broccoli and rice instead of the burger and fries, because it's better for you. But it's so hard to just switch from having candy bars and soda to having carrots and triscuits for snacks. But in the long run...it's exactly what you need.

End Caps

Terese is like an End Cap at a store. You never really know what you're going to get...but you know it will always be there with whatever you need.


So...it's been a little while...Well, I've a few analogies:)

Hypothetical situation: new relationship, neither party is wanting to scare the other one away, proceed with caution. But say, they guy isn't seeming too interested in the girl when he's not around her. Like, he doesn't text or call all that much but occasionally invites. And when they're around each other he's definitely into her. It has been confirmed that he is not a player. Well, girl wants to call more..but should she? Here is the reply.

You gotta treat it like a bag of chips when you're on a diet. You want to have them...but you're resisting. Whether you eat them or not the bag of chips is going to tempt you...Maybe the bag of chips even WANTS you to eat them, but doesn't have the capability of telling you to do so. You can stash them in your cupboard, but you still know they're there. You may even forget about them until you see the bag of chips and then they'll taunt and tempt you once more. Just remember when you finally give in to their teasing that chips were meant to be eaten, not sit on a shelf. So, why resist them anyways? Especially when they're so delicious!

That's what I say.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Long distance relationships

How can you tell if love will last from a distance? Like a flame...if it is small, the wind will put out the fire. But if the flame is big and sufficient enough to maintain itself, the wind will only aid and strengthen the fire. Such is distance to a relationship.

The Beach

Trying to find a beach in a town you don't know is
like trying to find a damn husband. All the roads
are confusing and lead to no where. Then all the
directions that people give you take you to a place where you were better off just staying at home. (Hawaii '09)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Breast Stroke

I have established quite a golden jem of information. Going to the institute for me is like doing the breaststroke. I may look funny while I'm doing it...but as long as I look down the whole time...I'll be just fine!

Cold lakes

Trying to get yourself to do something you want to do but have a great deal of reluctance in initiation is like jumping in a freezing cold lake while wakeboarding. Even tho you know you're going to have fun once you're up and going it is the hardest thing to justify. Such is the same hesitation Whitney has when she wants to go 80's dancing. It takes a good 40 minutes of self prep time-psyching yourself out and telling yourself you promise you're going to like it and to just do it...but you're always happy once you've done it! And you always have fun. So really you've not much to lose. Just jump in!